Games and the 20th century leader part 2

Games and the 20th century leader part 2

Really, political feeling, iron will, rare talent of an orator demagoga, eventually needs German hosts all this helped him make a breathtaking career. Begin with a maybe artist and divorced soldier from the First World War to the celebration of the third kingdom and the destruction of the Holocaust. The story testifies that the bloodiest tyrant of the 20th century was an extremely venture minded player, but as Lenin, only in politics. Although Hitler was more loyal to the gaming industry than much more of his other companions in arms.

In fascist Germany, the officers casinos were very popular. However, some people know that in these casinos people did not play, but only resting from the daily military essence. There was a bar, billiards, music at casinos a close club for officers in a way. Access to such facilities for third parties was prohibited, and if officials played cards, then only for each others money it was forbidden to organize games and win profits for them.

Hitler was a frequent visitor to such casinos, in addition during the war in the occupied territories, it was he who made arrangements for casinos, where German army officers used to play different card games. In such entertainment facilities, the most beautiful girls worked in the captured cities and villages.

When Adolph came to power in 1933, there were already no game rooms in the country. All of them were still closed during 1872 under Kaiser Wilhelm I. One of the first regulations in addition to the Act on Special Authorities, which gave Adolph Hitler free movement in the country, was the decree of permission as the exclusion of operation on Germanys territory of the most famous casino in Baden Baden . It happened in many aspects because the country quickly needed money, and Hitler felt that the Germans had better lost their money in Germany than in neutral Switzerland. A little later, especially in 1938, when Germany caught Austria and German legislation began to be legal in its territory that prohibits activities for organizing games and games, casinos were also closed there. However, there was an exception for a game house in the city of Baden, 26 kilometers from Vienna.

On April 30, Hitler committed suicide as a real keen player of boulevards, who had lost all his wealth and in the evening of May 9, 1945 in Berlin, complete and unconditional abandonment of fascist Germany was completed. Where do you think it happened? In the capital city of Karlshorst in the building of the former officers casino ...

Benito Mussolini

1883 1945

Benito Amilcare Andrea Mussolini was born July 29, 1883 in a small Italian city of Dovia. The most famous Italian statesman in the 20th century, chief duche of the fascist party in Italy. After setting up a crusade to Rome on October 28, 1922, Mussolini took power in the country and on November 1, 1922, the government of Italy led.

Mussolini was a rather venturesome person, but preferred political game and just wanted to play them in accordance with the rules he personally invented. These rules were pretty cruel, and those who refused to follow them threw Mussolini away as he did not want from his life. In the same way as Adolf Hitler, his main virtue that helped him achieve self actualization in the political arena, his oratorical abilities, charisma and skills were to show himself to the audience. Unfortunately, for Italians of these years, the great Duche produced their endorphins not at the cardboard, but in a constant, unrestrained desire to have absolute power over all and all.

After coming to power, Mussolins first thing was to take control, exile and subject to opposition leaders.

The founder of Italian fascism had a rather negative attitude to the gaming industry. On July 16, 1923, Mussolini banned games in Italy with the exception of lotteries.

In 1926, Mussolini destroyed Resistance Resistance there were laws that were adopted according to which all the political parties, apart from the fascist, were banned and dissolved.

Mussolini, however, was a distinguished politician and understood quite well that the Italians could not do without playing games, they would certainly come to them they would go to France, Monaco or Switzerland. He was aware that banning games had a negative impact not only on his personal popularity but also on the weak national economys well being.

Mussolini made a significant contribution to the gaming industrys decision. Henceforth, casinos would cover the limits of the Italian state which impede exports of monetary resources abroad. 1927 was officially allowed in San Remo. Casino was made to the municipality of San Remo, and its management was only a car

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